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  • Physical Exam

  • Vaccinations

  • Diagnostics

  • Health Certificates

  • Hoof Trimming

  • Pasture Management Consultations

  • Nutrition Consultation

  • Breeding Management 



We, along with your 4-H and FFA teachers, provide advice on how to keep your show animal its healthiest before and during the show.  Please call today to schedule your consultation. 


Our clinic is equipped with state of the art cattle working facilities.  We also have the capability of restraining goats, sheep, and pigs with special equipment.  We have one of only a few hydraulic cattle chutes in the East Texas area.  This chute allows us to place large animals on their side in order for us to properly examine and treat problems in the feet and lower extremities.  This is a safe alternative to procedures performed without the hydraulic chute.

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